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To create a dedicated server with Steam, we need a Steam account. This is for a free and requires on the other hand not a valid CD key.
So we dedicate ourselves to the
At the beginning of some security issues. In principle, one should only start programs under Linux as “root”, unless it is absolutely necessary. A Half-life Server should always run as a “normal” user!
There were also at various servers attacks that could either cripple the system from the outside or assure a local user root access, both of which are of course not desired …
Am sensible thing, to create a separate user for the server to be installed (eg hlds) and the server in its home directory.
in this tutorial, the user is jwm , his home is in / home / jwm / , the server we install to / home / jwm / hlds /First, we need an account on our server. This should by no means be your normal Steam account. Since no CD Key is required, we create a just for the dedicated server.
So we login as jwm directly on the server or via ssh and create in our home you a directory named hlds: mkdir hlds Now we switch with cd hlds in this directory. In order to create and install the server the account we need the HLDS update tool . The easiest way to get it with: wget We make the downloaded tool with chmod u + x steam . executable In order to create a new account.